Thursday, June 4, 2009

Beating a dead horse

These days, four words are enough to make Brewers fans want to shout, vomit and cry all at the same time: Bill Hall is starting. I don't know that I can say anything new on this topic that hasn't been said in newspapers, offices, and bars around the state. This is just too much for me to take anymore and I just need to vent so here it goes...

WHAT IS GOING ON!?!?!?! I realize that Bill Hall is a "veteran" and has experience in this league. For a two year period, there wasn't another Brewer on the roster that I would rather have at the plate in a big situation. However, those days are long gone. Bill Hall has done everything the Brewers have asked of him, and for that, I am grateful. But this is a performance based business. The Brewers have held up their end of the bargain by forking over $6.8 million (by the way, $8.4 million is due in 2010). Unfortunately, Bill hasn't done too much on his end.

The thing that bothers me the most is that while Bill provides a cool breeze for the opponents starting pitcher, Mat Gamel is rotting on the bench. He is clearly the Brewers third baseman of the future, but he needs to be in there everyday in order to get into a rhythm. Also, his deficiencies on defense are not going to get any better by watching the game. From several years of playing softball, I can tell you first-hand that WATCHING Brewers games does nothing for your defensive prowess. His batting average is a little on the low side, but I attribute that to not getting consistent playing time. It's shit or get off the pot time for Doug Melvin. They either need to commit to Mat Gamel THIS year, or send him back to Nashville. I clearly prefer Mat in Milwaukee, but I wouldn't be opposed to him going down either. 

Alright, give me a minute to get off my giant soap box... catch you next time.

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