Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Paging Doug Melvin...

Has anybody seen Doug Melvin since the Winter Meetings? Anybody taken a phone call? I'd settle for receiving a Christmas card from the best 'stache in Milwaukee (now that Maddux is gone). I realize the Brewers have to be bargain hunters, especially with the contracts of Suppan, Cameron and Hall weighing us down and the uncertainty of what arbitration will bring for our young core... but COME ON!!! Give me something Doug! I couldn't care less (hyperbole) about the Brewers signing Jorge Julio, Trot Nixon, Chris Duffy and Scott Thorman. The most interesting Brewers hot stove info is the Brewers might have interest in Braden Looper enough to offer a contract. Give me a reason to put my butt in a Miller Park seat next year (even though I'll be there anyway). I'm not looking for you to sign Derek Lowe or the left-handed Jeff Suppan (Randy Wolf). I just want you to sign a player that other major league teams are interested in too. Not some guy that's just grateful to have a minor league contract, a major league caliber player that would be a factor on teams not named the Pirates, Padres or Orioles.

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