Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm done...

Here at JBB, I have decided to stop naming names in players that I think the Brewers should sign/trade for. If you've been reading my recent articles, you would know when this all started: J.J. Putz. I wrote a big article about freeing up payroll and trading for Seattle's closer. What happens the very next day? He gets traded to the freaking Mets... where he isn't even going to close. 

Then along comes the will they/won't they trade of Mike Cameron for Melky Cabrera and Kei Igawa(maybe). Here I am saying it's a done deal, talking about it like it's already happened and explaining what I view as the benefits of the trade... then it dies.

 Then Doug Melvin comes out and names some names of pitchers he wants to sign of the Shady Acres Retirement Complex softball team and I view Randy Johnson as the most solid choice and how he'd be a good fit if the Brewers are serious about upgrading the rotation. San Francisco beats us to the punch. How many games did they win last year? Can anyone out there name their starting infield? How about the outfield? You're telling me that we couldn't lure this guy away from a "superior location" (if you like hacky-sack and Jerry Garcia) just by the fact that he might actually win with us? Even if he only gives up 2 or 3 runs over 6-7 innings, that offense is only going to score 1 run. Randy, you're just pushing 300 farther and farther away. I'm done being bitter about that one.

And now for the latest kick to my baseball groin: Brian Fuentes. 2 years $17 million? You're telling me we couldn't beat that offer? WE GAVE $10 MILLION TO ERIC FREAKING GAGNE!!! I just need to face facts that we are going to be stuck with our current roster and whatever reclamation project Doug finally decides on (Chad Cordero*)

* - that was my last name drop, I promise

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JD said...

I think the only closer they would trade for or sign now is Trevor Hoffman to maybe a 1 year deal. But it seems more likely there will be a battle in spring training between McClung, Villanueva and Julio. I think now Melvin needs to go out and sign at least two starting pitchers. My dream is still to somehow get in on the Peavy sweepstakes. Maybe Escobar and spare parts could get it done?