Saturday, November 1, 2008

Breaking Down Macha

Ken Macha is the man who is going to lead this team in '09. The guy is a proven winner and at one point was the most sought after managing prospect in all of Major League Baseball. Yet the people of Milwaukee are not sold on him. Listening to people's reactions on the radio and reading people's posts on various blogs, everyone seems to think we are getting a second rate guy, why?

The argument is out there that he alienated his players in his final year in Oakland, and people are afraid he is not going to gel with our guys. I have spent this entire year (minus 12 games) listening to people complain about how Ned Yost is too buddy-buddy with the players, that they want someone to come in and crack the whip. Now we've got a guy that can do that, and everyone wants him to be Ned Yost!! In four years at Oakland, Macha's squad went 368-280 with two playoff appearances and one run to the ALCS. His WORST season was an 88-74 record back in '05 and still people have not embraced him as our manager.

Being a fan of the book Moneyball, by Michael Lewis, and seeing a small-market club succeed in this league where money buys wins, I paid a lot of attention to what the Oakland A's did in the first half of this decade. Now granted, a lot of the success has to do with moves and drafts made by Billy Beane, but someone needed to take that raw talent and turn it into wins, that man was Ken Macha. Ultimately, the 2006 A's ran into the bandsaw that was the Detroit Tigers and were simply outclassed, which unfortunately cost Ken his job. He deserves a lot of credit for taking a group of young and unproven players and turning them into winners.

I understand that he did not coach pitching for the A's in 2003, but he oversaw the development of Zito, Mulder and Hudson. A pretty lethal and young rotation, if we can get Gallardo, Parra and Villanueva to be mentioned in the same sentence as the Oakland trio, the Brewers rotation will be just fine.

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JD said...

I love the Macha hire. Of the three guys the Brewers interviewed for the job (Macha, Brenly and Randolph) Macha was the clear choice. Sure Brenly won a ring with the D-Back, but many have called him the worst in game strategy Manager to win a World Series. Most feel that he won that ring based on two reasons: Johnson and Schilling and I couldn't agree more. Brenly can enjoy calling more Cubs games on WGN watching Macha lead the Crew to wins over the Cubs. As for Randolph I basically felt he was Ned Yost with more wins. Same personality and let his teams collapse much like Yost did. Macha is a proven winner and will put the best team on the field each day to win games. Not hurt players egos.