Thursday, November 6, 2008

Keeping Tabs on Jack Z

Word out of Seattle is that there is a manager position available and the process is going to begin shortly. Zdurencik says he has a list of 23 candidates, a bit of overkill, but a few favorites have floated to the surface. The obvious choice is Ned Yost. Besides being a manager for the past 5 years in Milwaukee, Ned also has experience working with young talent... Jack's young talent. While he wasn't the most popular figure around Milwaukee but Ned seems destined to get a second shot as a manger. Another name floated out there was Willie Randolph. Randolph had a similar experience as Yost this last year, but has no real connection to Zdurencik. The reason I'm mentioning Randolph is that Zdurencik was still with the Brewers at the time Randolph interviewed and he was able to sit in on the interview. Jack said he was very impressed by Randolph's professionalism. One last name is Lloyd McLendon. Brewers fans may remember him from his days with the Pirates and Jack Z and Lloyd go back to their days in Pittsburgh. Zdurencik has been quoted as using the word "proud" to describe how he felt about McLendon's work in the Pirates organization. I have now dedicated WAY too much time to a non-Brewers related topic, but I plan on keeping tabs on Jack to see how he develops as a GM.

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