Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Update on the Pitching Coach Spot

According to Ken Rosenthal at foxsports.com, Bill Castro will be given the first chance to interview with Macha, but Rick Peterson will not be considered. This is a curious move as he was the runner-up for the Texas job, given to ex-Brewers pitching coach Mike Maddux. One would think that being one of the most sought after pitching coaches and a history of working with the current manager in the past would give Peterson a leg up. Perhaps there was a rift between Macha and Peterson during their time in Oakland. There are only two men that can answer that question and it's doubtful that either will say word one on the matter.

Sidenote: In the same article, Rosenthal believes trading Prince Fielder is highly unlikely and I tend to agree. Just from a fan and marketing standpoint, Prince puts butts in seats and jerseys on fans. He's a rising star in the league and I believe the fact that Doug is "listening" to offers for Prince was just a ploy to see if someone would be desperate enough (Hank Steinbrenner) to sell the farm to get him. So unless we see another "Sexson for the entire D-Backs farm system" type deal, get used to seeing the portly slugger manning first base come 2009.

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